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Your office has a constant volume


If you think recurring payment doesn't make your day-to-day easier, think with me for a minute: do you sign any  streaming  video or audio, like Netflix or Spotify? Have you ever heard about SemParar, which frees you from toll lines for an affordable price and a recurring subscription?

You choose the monthly service instead of one-time payment and this service can be automatically paid to your credit card or bank slip.

Recurring payment allows you to better organize your monthly budget.

You have more convenience, access to better prices, management of expenses through credit card, accumulation of miles (in loyalty plans) to be exchanged for airline tickets and products and even the elimination of tickets, which generate great wear and convenience in paying.

Cost reduction is the target pursued by most entrepreneurs. And recurring payment will make that possible.

The entrepreneur, adopting a recurring sales model, will have more time to dedicate to improvements within the business: such as customer service, product development and also in people management, which are 3 things that the entrepreneurs themselves complain about lack of time to run.